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            WHMCS - Remove Multiple wrong/old subscription

            Please find the steps to resolve the issue of associating account in WHMCS.

            1.       Check the following for the active product instance in WHMCS admin portal and update them accordingly. 

            • Subscription Id,
            • Status, (Active status)
            • Next Due Date


            2.       Remove any existing entry for the subscription ID in the [AzurePackSubscriptionsInfo] table


            Sample Query:   delete from [DBName].[API].[AzurePackSubscriptionsInfo] where Id = <Id to delete>


            3.       Click the Associate Account button.  This should create a new entry in the [AzurePackSubscriptionsInfo] table with the appropriate SubscriptionId and ProductInstanceId (ProductInstanceId will be present in the AddtionalInfoJson column)

            Updated: 12 Dec 2018 06:20 PM
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