How to enable additional users to see WAP Subscription Resources?

How to enable additional users to see WAP Subscription Resources?

In Windows Azure Pack you can make a user as a co-admin for a given subscription. This will allow them to view and manage resources under that subscription. For example say you have a project team and you want all the members of the project team to have access to all the resources.

In that case project team will have ‘a’ subscription and all the team members will be co-admins of that same subscription. You can have multiple subscriptions for the project team, for example: like a subscription for ‘Dev Resources’, ‘Test Env1’, ‘Prod Scale Unit1’ etc. – but all the team members need to be made as co-admin for all the subscriptions you want them to have access.

Go to Plans à Subscriptions à Select a subscription

Windows Azure Pack Plans

Click on a subscription to drill down and select ‘Administrators’:

Windows Azure Pack Subscription Administrators

Click ‘Add’ to add user as a co-administrator to this subscription:

WAP add Co-admin

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