Release notes -

Release notes -

We are pleased to present our latest Release notes - 

Make sure you always install the stable and latest version. See version numbers for more information. 

The following release notes address the changes, updates in this version and instructions for the upgrade.

  1. What's new?
    1. Supports Microsoft Azure Stack Version 1904 •
      1. The deployment scripts for the Cloud Assert Billing solution is now compatible with Azure Stack PowerShell versions 1.7.2. 
      2. The Cloud Assert Billing resource provider for Microsoft Azure Stack was tested against 1904 version of Azure Stack.
    2. Registering Billing service is not mandatory
      1. The cost computation will start immediately once tenant subscribes to an offer with billing service
      2. Tenant needs to register billing resource provider with the subscription only to view the cost information from the tenant portal.
    3. Introduced Billing History table 
      1. For faster access of the billing history, a new table is introduced which will store the cost information for all the subscriptions of the user
      2. After installing Billing v2.1.7.40, Usage history blades will have only previous 3 months cost history. Going forward the newer months cost will be visible in the blades.
  1. Bug fixes
    1. Usage history blade loaded slowly in admin and tenant portal
    2. Download usage history was not working

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