Charging System Center VMs based on OS type

Charging System Center VMs based on OS type

Cloud Assert Billing solution has an extensible features that queries usage of VMs directly from System Center Operations Manager. This is a licensed feature that can be purchased as an add-on. 

  1. A custom property like 'OSType' must be added to all the VMs and VM templates.
  2. SCVMM console installed in the same machine as Billing agent service.

Configuring Custom Collector
  1. Navigate to 'C:\Program Files\CloudAssertBilling\CloudAssert.WAP.Billing.AgentService\Scripts' in the machine where the billing agent service is installed (This folder and it's content are not shipped during the release).
  2. Edit 'systemcenter-vmdisk-usage.ps1'
  3. Specify VMM server name, user and password.

  1.  Navigate to 'C:\Program Files\CloudAssertBilling\CloudAssert.WAP.Billing.AgentService'
  2. Edit 'SampleUsageExtensionsSettings.json' and set 'CloudAssert SystemCenter VMNetwork Usage Extension v0.2' to true.

  1. Edit 'CloudAssert.WAP.Billing.AgentService.exe.config' and set the following value to true.

  1. Open Cloud Assert Billing database and set the following AppSetting to true. 

  1. Open Usage and Billing admin portal.
  2. Navigate to pricing profiles.
  3. Open the desired pricing profile and clone the desired system-center  metered resource pricing.
  4. Set the monthly/ hourly unit price.
  5. Add the filter property as seen below and restart the billing agent service.

The prefix 'X-' in the filter property is mandatory. The value specified for the filter property is what is set for the VMs and VM templates.